Exposure Response and Susceptibility

Biomarkers of Exposure are the biomarkers that expose the genetic susceptibility to the drug actions or the chemicals that are accumulated in the body. Advances in the study of biomarkers led to the development of analytical techniques to detect and understand the quantity of the natural and synthetic toxins in the biological matrix. Epigenetics is the study of changes in the organisms that are made due to the modifications in the gene expression rather than the alteration in the genetic code.  The biomarkers are used to analyze the pharmacodynamics and the toxicodynamics interactions to the pathological reactions and the biochemical reactions that occur in the body.

  • Epigenetic biomarkers
  • Methylation biomarkers
  • Pharmacodynamic biomarkers
  • Exposure and genetic susceptibility of biochemicals
  • Pharmacodynamic and toxicodynamic interactions to the pathological and biochemical changes

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