Biomarkers research in Immuno-Oncology

Cancer therapy is  continues to evolve, with immune-oncology offering a new approach to treatment that holds significant promise. If cancer is detected, patients undergo a variety of tests of  diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment decision-making. The need for multiple, diverse diagnostic approaches to guide treatment decision-making in oncology is not likely to change, and the emergence of groundbreaking immunotherapeutic drugs that work by stimulating the immune system to attack a tumour is only adding to the diagnostic complexity. Biomarker-based CDx are essential to guide treatment decisions and are a valuable tool to aid in patient selection for clinical testing of new I/O drugs.

Tissue-based biomarkers are proving to be invaluable for helping to stratify patients based on the immune context of a tumour and the patient-specific characteristics of the tumour microenvironment as well as interactions between tumour and immune cells and between a tumour and surrounding tissues. Tissue context biomarkers can capture this diversity and complexity, and biomarker-based CDx can drive individualized treatment decisions.

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