Biomarkers and Next-Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing or high-throughput sequencing involves in DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing which is quick and cheap than the previously used method called Sanger sequencing and also there is a revolution in the study of genomics and molecular biology due to the Next-generation Sequencing. Genetic based biomarkers are the biomarkers that are involved in the process of representing genes and genetic products as the biomarkers. Thus genome sequencing using next generation sequencing helps in the discovery of biomarkers.

  • Next generation sequencing for the discovery of Biomarkers
  • Genome sequencing for the discovery of Biomarkers
  • MicroRNA sequencing for the prediction of diseases
  • Using SNP as biomarkers
  • Genome biomarkers
  • Cell proliferation markers
  • Cytogenetic biomarkers
  • Oxidative stress biomarkers

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