Biomarker or a biological marker is a quantitative substance present in an organism that acts as an indicator of biological conditions like pharmacological (therapeutic), pathogenic (toxic) or any normal biological processes. It helps in the prediction of the diseases and the biochemical reactions that occur inside the organism. These Biomarkers are introduced into an organism in traces to validate the function of the organs and other health aspects. Biomarkers can be a gene, genetic product, enzyme, hormone or a molecule which have various activities and functions inside the organism. There are two kinds of biomarkers – biomarkers of exposure, involving risk prediction and biomarkers of disease, used in screening, diagnosis and monitoring the disease progression. There are various types of biomarkers which include fluorescent biomarkers, blood-based biomarkers, pro-inflammatory biomarkers, hematological biomarkers and obesity biomarkers.

  • Fluorescent biomarkers
  • Blood-based biomarkers
  • Pro-inflammatory biomarkers
  • Hematological biomarkers
  • Obesity biomarkers

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